Sea Dragon Charters Snorkel & Kayak

August 28, 2017

I was looking at things to do in Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island this summer (but never had the opportunity to go) and saw that there was something called "Snorkel with Seals" on Van Island at Nanaimo...the more I searched, I found out that SEA DRAGON CHARTERS in Horseshoe bay also does the same tour. So, I didn't even have to travel all the way to the island to be able to see SEALLSSS!

After looking at the overwhelmingly positive reviews online, I booked a trip for 2 on a Sunday afternoon.

We arrived around 45 minutes before the tour started and thought that they would've provided parking in their lot...since parking at Horseshoe Bay would be totally hectic on a Sunday afternoon, but THEY DID NOT! The owner tried to offer us a "private lot" for $20/day parking (wtf?).

The first impression of the tour was not good to start off with.

After we got fitted into wet suits, the guide led the way to the boat. Since there were around 18 people on the tour, we had to wait a bit longer than the specified departure time to leave the dock. I really loved their boat since it has a top deck where you can get a clear view of the mountains and waters.

Our first stop was to look at the harbour seals in their natural habitat. I was convinced by "TheDodo" that seals are super playful dogs of the sea and would come close to us, however, that didn't happen (a little disappointed). Buttt it was really cute to see real life seals! They're as cute as all the videos you see online and I love how they hop on their belly to get places. Too cute.

I later discovered from the guide that harbour seals are extremely timid, as opposed to sea lions who are really playful. However, there isn't a sea lion colony close enough to Vancouver to do a day trip.

2nd stop was to choose between kayak, snorkel or paddle boarding. We chose to do Kayaking since they only had 2 paddle boards for the entire group. I believe that the Kayak part of the trip was even better than swimming (first part) since we could get much closer to the seals. We also saw many baby seals just chilling on the rocks, and they didn't seem to be scared of us at all.

Overall, I don't think this tour is that worth it since you cannot really experience "swimming" with seals. It was around $130 per person.

They also provided hot soup, hot chocolate and chips on the tour. Wish they would've had a little more such as bread/fruits or at least provide water for us. I saw the tour guide eating fried chicken and drinking pop while we only had chips to eat. I don't think that leaves a good image for the guests at all.

I couldn't get any pictures of the cute seals because we were just too far from them and my go pro couldn't capture them.

Thank you for reading about my adventure!

If you've done something like this before OR have even better adventures for me to try, please do let me know!

Lots of love,


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