Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

September 17, 2017

I can't remember the last time I've had a bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. I've been eating a lot of different other types of soup noodles such as ramen, pho, rice noodle lately but should really be getting back to my Taiwanese roots!

Arrived late Sunday afternoon to Chef Hung in Aberdeen Center (Richmond), restaurant was relatively full but still 2-3 tables remaining. No wait!

I still remember when I was in high school when there were almost no famous "chains" in Vancouver but now the culture has totally changed! So many Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean chains expanding overseas and I'm so happy about that. Chef Hung came early on and they sure have expanded many locations since entering Canada (Vancouver). 

A4 Award Winning Beef Shank, Tendon, & Tripe with Noodle in Soup

Of course, I had to get the Beef Noodle Soup! I'm a fan of tendon so I decided to get the one that had everything in it. Why not right? There is a spicy sign on the menu, but trust me, this bowl of noodle soup isn't spicy at all! 

I loved the tripe and tendon but thought that the shank was on the drier side. The noodles may seem hard for some people but to me they were really chewy! The soup is more on the saltier side and really heavy soy sauce taste. 

D32 Cold Mixed Jellyfish

This is your typical Cold Jellyfish bowl. Really nice to pair with a bowl of hot noodle soup. 
Again, not spicy at all.

A14 Noodle Topped with Ground Pork Sauce

This "Zha Jiang Mian" is another super Taiwanese item on the menu. One thing I really love about this dish is you can make it easily at home but everyone has their own way of making this simple dish. Whenever I go back to Taiwan, I always request my grandma to make her recipe for me. She not only uses ground meat, but also puts some hard tofu and green onion.

Chef Hung's is definitely a bit more plain compared to my grandma's dish but nonetheless, I love it. 

Great Lighting!

One thing I do want to mention is....I'm not sure if they use MSG or not, but I got super thirsty after. Had to drink cups and cups of water! Thought I would be really surprised if they do use MSG because these famous chain restaurants usually don't put these added preservatives in. They focus much on how they cook the broth for hours and hours, and the ingredients in the broth.

But anyways, kinda salty maybe!

I'm a huge soup noodle fan. Gotta have my #noods!

Thank you for reading my food post! 
Are you hungry? Share your experience with me on Instagram  (@yangxtina) or comment below!

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle
4151 Hazelbridge Way #2800
Richmond, BC
(Aberdeen Center)

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