A scary thing called Loneliness

September 07, 2017

@CN Tower in Toronto

Before starting blogging, I was scared to type too long and show too much vulnerability/negativity on my Instagram account. I wrote a short blurb in July this year on my Instagram about feeling lonely in Vancouver.

Although I grew up in Vancouver and majority of my life was actually in Vancouver, I call Toronto home. Toronto is where I grew (personally), experienced love and heartbreak, met amazing life long friends and became the independent/somewhat confident person I am today.

In my 25 facts about me, I wrote a bit about not staying in touch with my friends back in Vancouver after moving to Toronto, because honestly...I would never thought that I would EVER be back in this City. Life definitely always gives me unexpected surprises but I always try to believe it is for the best.

@Krepresz in Toronto

After sharing that Instagram post, there were people who replied saying they felt the same way after moving to a new City (or back to a City). It's definitely difficult starting from 0 and working your way up in the friendship/relationship department. As more of an introverted person, I sometimes have difficulty initiating a conversation or just meeting new people in general. This is definitely one of my biggest challenges and believe it will be a huge learning curve for me to try and step out of my comfort zone.

Loneliness is a scary thing. It can sometimes lead you into a very dark place and become hard to get out of it. You may think there is no one that understands you, or no one there to listen to you. But the good thing is there will ALWAYS be someone there for you, whether it be friends, family, community outreach organizations or psychologists/doctors. You are certainly not alone in anything.

Don't be afraid to reach out to someone you think will help and guide you out of this loneliness. For a few days of my life, I became so depressed but was afraid to tell anyone. Thankfully, something in me decided to reach out to someone important to me, that made a world of difference to me during that difficult time.

I still remember texting my Dad, 'Happy Father's Day' and he asked me "How are you doing lately?" As soon as I saw that message, tears started to stream down my face. Such a simple question but it was so heartwarming and just the thing I needed. We don't talk much and we're not close at all, but a simple question like that shows he still cares.

@Adelaide Eats in Toronto

If you've been feeling lonely, just remember you are not alone at all! Share your thoughts and know when to reach out to others when times just get too tough.

Now, it's my turn to ask: How are you doing lately?

Lots of love,


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