Things I've learned about myself at 23

October 31, 2017

It's that time of year not Christmas....but HALLOWEEN! Yes and my birthday...I'm proud to say I'm a demon baby (jk).

Many people always write about the "X things I learned at X" but I want to talk about the things I've learned about myself at 23.

Without further adooo ....

1. I have a low "laugh" tolerance.

I can laugh at almost anything! It's really easy to make me happy. I think it's because I set expectations low - because I don't want to get disappointed.

On the other hand, when I'm upset at you, there is almost nothing you can do to make me laugh. If I set my mind to being upset with you then I will just glare at your every move, like an angry cat!

2. I have a real bad case of "hangry".

I didn't notice this until I watched a Youtube video - WahlieTV (love their vlogs) and Wah was talking about how Weylie always gets hangry. I recalled the times I got super grumpy for no reason but extremely happy whenever I see food and realized that I become hangry too! As Weylie said, it's not a good trait or habit to have but hey...I did some research and there is scientific proof why people get hangry. I blame low blood-glucose! 😆

3. I'm a really good planner.

Ever since high school, I always wanted to be an Event Planner and open my own wedding or event planning firm. As I graduated and started my career, I forgot about this dream. It seems almost impossible without the right connections, relevant experience and education. I just don't know where to start.

People always say do what what you love. I love planning and organizing and making something unnecessarily fancy/bougie. This was a good reminder of what I love doing and gets me on track to fulfill my dreams.

If you've ever watched The Good Place, then you'll get why I resonate with Tahani. I gotta thank my nail artist so much Souli for introducing me to this show. I watched the entire season in 1 day.

4. I'm not creative.

I'm probably the most unoriginal person ever but I always try to make myself better by learning from other people's work. I really admire how people can produce amazing imagery/tech/videos etc...and always wish I had that kind of talent. However, I'm not programmed that way and the best option for me is to learn from those who are gifted!

5. I'm afraid to grow old.

As I grow older and doing all these adults things, I realize that there are much more things that I am afraid of - growing old is one of them. For my job, I work with seniors and need to do a lot of research on them as well.

The thing I'm most afraid of, like every senior is losing the physical and mental abilities and always having to rely on others for help. I love being independent and believe that there is certainly nothing I cannot accomplish when I set my mind to it. However, as we age, there are restrictions and roadblocks in place to make it even harder.

I remember one senior told me, "When I was your age, a senior explained to me that once you get dressed and ready to go out, it's already time for bed! I finally know how that feels." Although this was a joke that we all laughed about, but the reality behind this is a little upsetting (and scary).


Sometimes we need to be like kids - be brave! Although YOLO is super overrated but it's true, you only live once and you should make the most of it. #noregrets!


From my posts you can probably tell how cliche I am haha, and I laugh and embrace it! I would always annoy my ex by reading all the quotes on Instagram and be like "That's sooo true!!"

Although the quotes are all very generic, they make sense.


My first blog post is 25 facts about me and without planning, this birthday post has become like another fact sheet.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and I want to know something you discovered about yourself!




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  1. What you did with this is considered "creative"...and about growing old,don't be's gonna happen anyway��so do it gracefully

    1. Thank you for the comment Robert! Agreed - I need to learn to embrace it!


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