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October 02, 2017

Telus Building

It was my pleasure to be invited by Michael and Glowbal to try out their happy hour menu! I always walked by this beautiful restaurant inside the TELUS building but never had the chance to go in. So, when this opportunity came up, I was more than ecstatic to accept!

Just looking at the outdoor decor, you can tell that Glowbal treats their customers right. I don't say this just because I was invited to go, but I also observed their service and hospitality to other customers. Many customers are business individuals or in groups and the servers know when to step in to ask if they needed something else or how the food was. 

Michael was more than generous and the food was just never ending! I got to try almost their entire happy hour menu and I would definitely come back with friends again! The value ($$) is really worth it.

Marble Tables ++1000000 points

Duck Poutine ($9.95)
Braised Beef Short Rib ($2.25 each)
$1.50 Oysters
Cauliflower Nuggets ($5.95)
Mussels ($9.95)

Oysters are a MUST during happy hour, especially when they are only $1.50! Refreshing! 

The cauliflower nuggets were something new to me. I saw it on multiple menus but never decided to order it. I was really surprised on the texture of the cauliflower. I thought they would be soggy but they were actually really chewy. I don't often eat cauliflower because they tend to get soggy quickly but this one was really good.

Stella Draft ($5.00)
White Sangria ($5.00)

At global, I think their drinks and prices are TOTALLY worth it! A lot of places that serve happy hour don't have Stella or other international beers but for only $5.00, I think it's really worth it!

OMG the white sangria made with the bartender's special recipe was ACTUALLY AMAZING! I love how they sweetened it more so the alcohol isn't overpowering. A lot of places also use frozen fruit but their strawberries are fresh. I took a bite (or two) and they were really sweet (in season).

Buttermilk Parmesan Fried Chicken ($2.00 each)

This was my favourite part of the meal and it was the first thing I got to try! I'm a huge chicken nugget/fried chicken anything person. The parmesan twist made it much more flavourful. Bite size pieces are perfect.

Tuna Tartar ($9.95)

My second favourite dish was the tartare. This was so refreshing for happy hour, especially since it was a hot day. A lot of stuff on happy hour menus tend to be fried (or hot plate), so it's really nice to see something refreshing! I would order this again!

Calamari ($8.95)

Last but not least is the calamari! It's not your typical circle kinds but they're short pieces which makes it much easier to chew. Calamari - chewy as always! The chilis gives it a nice mild kick. Perfect with a beer.


Once again, I would like to extend my upmost gratitude to Glowbal Group and Michael for the wonder hospitality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a happy hour spot. I will definitely be back with my own group!

The White Sangria is to DIE for!

Glowbal by Glowbal Group
590 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
Cocktail hour: Everyday 2:30-6:00pm

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