The trip I've always wished for

October 26, 2017

Mushu surprised me with this trip after I had shown him ALFIE THE A FRAME, which is Canada's 4th most wish listed Airbnb. This cabin in Sechelt on Sunshine Coast was just the perfect vacation I needed to get away from the busy City life.

I'm writing this post a few weeks late, but better late than never right!

We were really lucky to be able to book Alfie at such late notice because as you can see from the Airbnb's almost ALWAYS fully booked! Or at least on the weekends it is.

Alfie is actually located in Tuwanek which is a short drive from Sechelt. 

We departed Burnaby at around 1:00pm on a Friday afternoon and made our way to Horseshoe bay for the ferry ride over to Langdale. We even arrived 1 hour early for the ferry but still couldn't catch it at 2pm! We had to wait for the 4pm one. 

Thankfully the entire trip didn't take that long! 

Alfie is only around 45 minutes drive from the Langdale terminal and the ferry ride from Horseshoe bay was around 45 minutes as well.

I gotta mention that Alfie is pet friendly too! Our little Jack was such a good boy sleeping in his bed while we on the ferry. There was a pet area on the ship as well but he was much more cozy sleeping in the car in his own bed. We stayed with him for a bit then went upstairs to explore the ship (aka. food court).

Living room

We stepped into this cute and cozy living room. 

Alfie has 2 floors, the bottom has a living room, small kitchen and bathroom while the upper floor (where you go up the stairs) is the bedroom. It's a mini loft!

"Get my good side mommy" - Jack


View from the upper balcony

After we settled in, we got ready for dinner. We established that Mushu would cook dinner while I took care of brunch!

Breakfast Croissant made by yours truly!

Being in this kind of insta-worthy cabin, obviously I had to take some pictures!

These were all taken in our bedroom (upstairs).

Our Airbnb host had a Canoe by the beach that we could use. The water was calm, no waves and no wind. It was the perfect time to go for a canoe ride.

BC is so beautiful and every time I visit someplace like this, I never want to leave!

This was our first trip together as a "Family". Me and Mushu go on trips together often but never had a chance to bring Jack along. Through these pictures and this blog post, I hope it inspires you to explore your own city/province/country. 

Especially if you're in BC...we are seriously so lucky to be in one of the best parts of the World. With God's creation right infront of our eyes, we can easily drive 1 hr away from the City and be submersed in mother nature's beauty.

Sechelt was amazing. 

It was just what I needed. I discovered family, love, quietness and myself (a good cook!). 

It was the trip I've always wished for.



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