BYE BYE STRESS - Easy ways to de-stress

December 03, 2017

Everyone gets stressed and stress is inevitable. Stress is a huge culprit of horrible skin so I try my best to find ways to help myself de-stress when I'm just going a little too crazy!

Here are my tips:

1. Pamper yourself

You know yourself best and you know what gets you most relaxed! For me, I love doing a clay mask because I know my skin needs a deep cleansing when I'm stressed. I cannot imagine how much oil and debris is clogged in my skin because I forget to take care of it when I'm too worried about other things.

I currently love using NUSKIN GLACIAL MARINE MUD. I find that this really gets deep into the pores and you can see everything rise up onto your face. I've been using this least 5-6 years now. I've tried other clay masks but find that this one does the best for me! Especially on my nose - I get a lot of blackheads outta there.

I've been starting to try out double I always go in with my face cleanser after the mask. I've been getting small bumps on my forehead - which I currently don't know what is causing I hope this regimen will help out!

I've been using the METRIN SKINCARE SYSTEM. They've been around for over 85 years and best of's a local Vancouver brand. It really helps to balance oily skin. Although 5 steps may seem like a lot, it really does it's job! Once you get into a habit, you'll wonder why other skincare brands don't have a full set like this!

I was gifted this set. Thank you Metrin for allowing me to try your skincare system.

2. Get a little tipsy

Seriously...what can alcohol not do? Sometimes stress causes insomnia and a small glass of wine or champagne (whichever you choose)...can certainly help fall straight into a deep sleep. I couldn't have been more happy after hearing one glass of red wine per day is good for the's like a dream come true! Although Reds aren't my favourite - but hey...alcohol = healthy? I'm in!

However, when I'm stressed. I like to treat myself into something a little bougie such as champagne or sparkling.

My favourite sparkling white - MOSCATO D'ASTI tastes just like juice and only $20.99!

Who doesn't love Veuve Clicquot?

Happy Christina

3. Do what you love/be with who you love

As you can probably tell from my posts - I really love to eat. When I'm stressed, I love laying in bed and eating something really delicious!

Don't be afraid to be lazy. You're entitled to be lazy when you're stressed.

Sometimes you gotta go out too and get your mind off of what is making you stressed. I love going to cafes and casual restaurants where I can just chat with my friends for hours and hours.

Here are some of my favourites:

Zenstone Coffee in Richmond (Media Invite)
The barista can probably make anything you wish! Just show a picture!

 Restaurant Yugo (Media Invite)
My favourite dishes were the beet salad (pictured) and the duck breast risotto (not pictured). 
I can't wait to go back for these 2 dishes. 
They'll seriously help you de-stress!

Dazzling Cafe Richmond (Media Invite)
Dessert is obviously a must when you're stressed right? These are so fluffy you'll die for them!

Lastly...I love cuddling up with my little Jack and taking him on walks. This really helps me de-stress sometimes...except he goes a little crazy and pulls me around. I guess he's the boss?

Lefarge Lake lights in Coquitlam


I hope you can overcome whatever is making you stressed at the moment! You can do it!

Share your thoughts with me on Instagram or comments below. How do you deal with stress?




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