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January 13, 2018

This post is all about the goodies and delicious eats that Oakland has to offer. The main tool I used was Yelp to help me find all the restaurants in Oakland. It never fails! Especially in USA.

"It's easy to impress me. I don't need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I'm happy. I'm satisfied. I'm content."
- Maria Sharapova

Discclaimer: Delicious food below. All prices in USD.

Let's start.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of majority of the breakfast places I ate at because I was just too hungry. In Vancouver, I usually eat breakfast at around 7:30am but when I'm traveling around, I don't eat until 10am. So...by the time I find a good place, I'm already hangry! So tummy first. (Sorry phone)

463 2nd St
Oakland, CA 94607
b/t Broadway & Washington St 
Jack London Square

I discovered this on my last day and it was so close to our hotel too! So sad that I couldn't try more of their bagels. Authentic Bagel Co. has over 10+ selections/flavours of bagels from plain to jalapeno. They also offer sandwiches at a really great price. 

I chose the Mona Da Lisa with Nutella, Banana and Strawberries! As a Nutella fanatic...I actually never thought of adding it to a bagel! This will be my go-to breakfast from now on.

Credit: Yelper Awesomeness B.

Credit: Yelper Carolen M.

Credit: Yelper Giovanna R. (Lox Monsta Sandwich)

Credit: Yelper Sheena M. (Best in the West Sandwich)

989 Franklin St
Suit B
Oakland, CA 94607
b/t 11th St & 10th St 
Oakland Chinatown

This was also discovered by accident. I can't believe they have Tianjin Crepes in Oakland! It's rare to see it in Vancouver...so I was super surprised that I could find something like this in Oakland. 

This is a grab and go kiosk. You order in a small window and wait for your food outside. There are also 2 tables right beside their "store" where you can enjoy your meal. 

Credit: Yelper Vinayak B.

Credit: Yelper Vinayak B.

Credit: Yelper Natasha L. (Tianjin Crepe)

Their menu shrunk quite a bit. After I ate here, I went to look at their yelp page and found that they used to serve dumplings (hence the name) and many other buns. 

However, when I was there, they only had the Tianjin crepe, wonton soup, tea-leaf marinated eggs and soy milk. I also highly recommend their soy milk because it is brewed the same day. Super fresh!

The crepe is HUMUNGOUS! It can definitely be shared between 2 people. Best of all, the price is cheap. I believe it was only around $5-$6 USD. Such great value!

If I lived in the area, I would eat this everyday.

3) Hopscotch - $$

1915 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94612
United States
b/t William St & 19th St

This is one place I actually planned to go to. I was looking through brunch places in Oakland on Instagram and came across Hopscotch...mainly for their fried chicken!

Hopscotch is a Japanese/American fusion restaurant. The food was generally more on the American side but they do have some specialty Japanese beer.

Buttermilk Fried chicken and biscuits

Patio seating - what great weather!

This is more on a pricey side for brunch. Their mains are between $15-$20. I was glad that we didn't need a reservation since majority of the reviews stated that there usually is a long wait. I guess it was the new years long weekend and everyone happened to be out of town right?

I love having brunch on a sunny day because it just makes the vibes so much better. 

We actually came here after eating the Tianjin crepe (super full) so we just decided to share the Fried Chicken with Biscuits and grab some drinks instead! For drinks I got the Oakland 75 with sparkling wine and bae got a Japanese beer (I forgot which one). 



1) Souley Vegan - $$

301 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607
United States
at 3rd St 
Jack London Square

Planned to come here after getting off the airplane because it was opened late and close to our hotel. Also, I wanted to opt for something "healthy" before we indulge in our food journey for the next couple days ahead. 

Souley Vegan is a fast/casual restaurant. You order at the cashier and find a seat. The servers will bring the food to you.

Garlic Fries, Butter Leaf Lettuce Cup, Toasty Burger

I like how this place is completely vegan, which makes me a little less guilty for eating all these fried foods.

Their portions are really great. Awesome value! The burger was so huge that it was so difficult to pick up! I also loveeed the garlic fries. So much seasoning and they actually use real garlic (minced) and not just garlic powder! Tasted super delicious.

I recommend getting their fresh juices. I got the strawberry ginger, it was really fresh but just too much gingery taste. It got too spicy for me in the end. Perhaps I'll try lemonade or other flavours next time.

Although the food was good for the first few bites, in the end it got wayyy too heavy. It's definitely not a "healthy" spot but perfect for a hangover meal haha...So much comfort food.

2) Grocery Cafe - $$

I searched this place on Yelp and we decided to drop by for dinner because it was opened late and close to our hotel! If you haven't realized already...convenience is the first priority for me when selecting what to eat on in a short time!

Grocery Cafe is a Burmese style restaurant. I never actually had Burmese food before but it was really good! A lot of their stuff is similar to Chinese. It's marinated and saucy. Though there are definitely some unique dishes in which I've never ever tried before but so glad I did.

Tea Leaf Salad

Oxtail with Squash

The service really does stand out in this restaurant. The restaurant manager was extremely nice to us and welcoming. One word I would use to describe Grocery Cafe is home. 

We spoke with the restaurant manager and he told us that their oxtail is cooked for 5 hours a day. It's so tender that it basically melts in your mouth.

Another highlight is the Tea Leaf Salad. It's something I've never seen or tried before but highly recommended by Yelpers so obviously I had to order it. There are nuts, veggies, tomatoes and so much more inside only one dish. The highlight of it was definitely the sauce. I can tell why it's a starter/appetizer because the sauce is quite sour and it opens up your tummy for more delicious food ahead.

It gives a refreshing taste paired together with the oxtail which is more on the salty side. This dish would be something I want to eat on a hot summer day!

Their portions are great too. We came in hungry and left satisfied.



1) Ben & Jerry's - $$

505 Embarcadero W
Oakland, CA 94607
b/t Jack London Sq & Washington St 
Jack London Square

Twilight Dough and Mint Chocolate Chunk

There's not much to say about Ben & Jerry's. Everyone knows that it is a chain store! This was really close to our hotel so it was a quick dessert after our dinner.

48 Webster St
Oakland, CA 94607
United States
Jack London Square

This is a heritage saloon opened in 1880 by John M. Heinold. It's a cozy spot for drinks and gets filled up quickly! By the time we were there (around 9pm) it was already full. Limited seating, however, they do have a large patio which would be great in the summer. 

The saloon is right by the water so it gives a relaxing vibe. From the pictures you can tell that it is quite dark inside and I love how this bar has so much history to it. 

Now that's a wrap for all the restaurants I ate at while I was in Oakland! There were many more places I wished I had a chance to go to, such as CDP and Brown Sugar Kitchen, but I only had 3 days and one stomach! Those will forever be on my bucket list whenever I'm back in Oakland.

If you haven't already, give a read at where I stayed and things I did in Oakland!

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