2.5 Days in Portland - Itinerary

April 03, 2018

It was another long weekend and I just had to get away from this gloomy Raincouver. I've never been to Portland so it was the perfect time to travel! Thank goodness that they had 3 sunny days during the Easter long weekend.

First thing, I noticed in Portland (besides no sales tax) was that everyone was extremely polite and nice! They say that Canadians are polite..but people of Portland are waaay nicer than us. Portland is filled with cute shops and savoury foods.

I'll be sharing places I ate and things I did during these past 3 days.


Portland is a 5-6 hour drive from Vancouver and we wanted to make the most out of the trip by driving overnight. We started from 12 am and arrived around 6:30 am, just in time for breakfast!

7:00AM - Cheryl's on 12th

1135 SW Washington St
Portland, OR
97205, USA

Complimentary Donuts

French Toast with Banana

Thai Chicken Wrap

Afterwards, we went on an Airbnb experience tour.

9:00AM - Aerial Tram and Rooftop Tour hosted by Benjamin

The tour began with meeting at Pioneer Square.

Then, we took the transit up OHSU and to the TRAM! Rare enough, this is actually not a "tourist" attraction but an actual transportation source for doctors and patients to get up the mountain to OHSU.

Next, Benjamin took us to the Eco building's rooftop in Pearl, Portland. It's a LEED Gold restored 1985 warehouse.

Last but not least, our final stop was at The Society Hotel in Chinatown, which used to be a former sailor's boarding house in 1881.

Review on the Aerial Tram Tour

To be honest...if I had done more research on Portland then I would've easily stopped by these places by myself for 1/4 the price. The main problem with the tour was not because of the money, but because of the tour guide. I thought that going on the tour would allow me to learn more about Portland and its history, but Benjamin was probably one of the least knowledgeable tour guides ever. 

Although the tour was 3 hours, we spent probably half the time on the bus going from location to location. Benjamin also didn't even know how to take the bus...he had to ask one of us out-of-towners to search on google maps for him. Kind of ridiculous right?

My verdict? It's not worth your money.

1:00PM - Food Trucks

There were so many options but our stomachs could only fit so much! We picked 2 of the highly recommended food trucks to try.

1003 SW Alder St
Portland, OR 
97205 USA

Khao Man Gai (Thai Chicken with Rice)

9 SW Alder St
Portland, OR 
97205, USA

Mahi Mahi with Chips

Afterwards, we drove back to our Airbnb to rest and freshen up for dinner! We made it just in time for the last few days of Portland Dining Month (Vancouver dine out but one month long).

5:00PM - Dinner @ Paley's Bistro and Bar

They offered 3 courses for $33 USD. I thought it was pretty worth it! We ordered from the Dining month menu and the regular menu.

Dining month:
First course:
Butter Lettuce Caesar salad with rye croutons and shaved carrots

Second course:
Braised pork shoulder with chickpea panisse, cabbage and fennel salad

Third course:

Coconut cream vacherin with honeyed-apricot coulis

Regular menu:

First course:

Wagyu Beef Tartare

Second course:

Steak rib eye

Third course:

Cheese Strudel


11:00 AM - Oregon Zoo

4001 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 
97221, USA

The zoo was totally worth it! I highly recommend visiting it.

3:00 PM - Pittock Mansion

3229 NW Pittock Dr
Portland, OR 
97210, USA


8600 NW Bridge Ave
Portland, OR 
97203, USA

5:00 PM - Pok Pok Thai

One of the most famous Thai restaurants in Portland!

3226 SE Division St
Portland, OR 
97202, USA
Cha Yen - Thai Iced Tea with Evaporated Milk

Kung Op Wun Sen

Kung Op Wun Sen

Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

Muu Sateh

7:00PM - Somo Concert @ Hawthorne Theatre

I didn't get much footage from the event but it was a fun experience!


Last and final day...we only managed to have breakfast and drove back to Vancouver to beat the traffic.

125 NE Schuyler St
Portland, OR 
97212, USA

The Reggie

Something platter


It doesn't seem like we did a lot but our days felt packed! Portland is a city that I'd like to come back for food and it's made for a relaxing vacation (or retirement). I can see myself living here but probably not for a few years!

Have you been to Portland? How did you like it?



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