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October 01, 2018

There's no recipe to get over a breakup. In terms of breakup, there is no such thing as "the more you experience it, the easier it gets." It never gets easy.

However, with all that sad stuff aside, the bright side is that you can make the recovery process for each breakup quicker and quicker!!

Here are some tips on how I've gotten through it:

1. Restrict yourself from social media - ESPECIALLY his/her and mutual friends' accounts
Unfollow. Unfriend. Block. Whatever it takes, it's okay. Don't feel bad for eliminating him/herself from your life completely. You have to accept the fact that your relationship over. Yes, I hate to break it to you but it's a fact that you must accept.

The best is to restrict yourself from any social media because it can be toxic at this time. Your entire life could be shattered as soon as you see a #couplegoals post pop up on your feed.

2. Reach out to friends/family
Being a Scorpio, I rarely share these types of sad feelings to others. I always end up getting over things myself. However, one thing I wished I did more was to reach out to my friends or family regarding my breakup. So, if you're someone like me, don't try to keep everything to yourself if you cannot take it!

3. GO OUT!
Eat, drink, play! A few days of sulking in bed is okay, but you gotta get your butt out of bed eventually! Distract yourself from this breakup by going out with your friends. You have a whole city of delicious food and drinks waiting for you. Enjoy it!

4. Allow yourself to cry
Crying is allowed! Cry your heart out. I find that I just need to have 1 day to let it all out and I'll be fine. It only takes 1 big cry, just one, so go ahead and do it. Plus, no one will see you anyways. What do you have to lose? It'll be your own little secret.

5. Don't blame yourself
If he/she was the one that brought up the breakup, don't let the reason allow you to think that this is entirely your problem. I believe that problems occur because of 2 parties, not one. It could have started with only one person's mistake but it becomes a problem because the other allowed it to be. Don't ever belittle yourself by thinking, "If I could've done....this....that...." we would still be together.

6. Use this time to make yourself better
Take in constructive criticism. Make yourself a better person through this breakup. Take sometime to reflect back on the relationship and think about the things that you could've done better if you relived the situation again. Perhaps you're too short tempered or not good at expressing yourself? These are all characteristics that can be changed to better yourself for your next Prince/Princess.

7. Don't think that him/her saying "Let's be friends" are really friends
Let life move on and don't linger on as "friends". Perhaps in the future, you may meet again and develop a beautiful friendship, but don't let your emotions during the breakup allow you to agree into being friends with him/her. If you do end up saying "yes" to being friends, just remember that you will be replaced eventually. They will not prioritize you anymore and may not even treat you as how a real friend should treat each other.

8. Date again when you're ready
It may not be a bad thing to get back out into the dating pool early. It'll be another good distraction and you never know who you will meet. However, this should only be done when you're ready to move on. Be ready to put in the time & effort for another special individual.

9. Take time to exercise
I'm sure you know that exercising releases happy hormones called endorphins. This will physically help you feel better and you will look better too! Win win situation. Sometimes a good & sweaty workout may be just what you need to get yourself back on track.

10. Remember that this ending is another opportunity
An end is really never an end. Think of it as another opportunity to find someone who is even more suitable for you and who loves you even more! No rush, it'll take time. I think the hardest thing in life is to find someone who loves you and you love him/her as well.




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