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Hi there! Thank you for exploring my blog. My name is Christina and I'm currently based in Canada. You probably found me through Instagram, where I love to share my daily life with you.

I hope you can get closer to me through my blog posts!

The purpose of my blog is for you to get know the person behind the IG post. You'll be able to read my honest food and adventure/tour reviews, as well as get to know me on a more personal level through my relationships, love life and random self thought posts.

I'd love to get to know you too! Feel free to comment below my posts, Ask Me Anonymously, or shoot me a quick e-mail!

I'm always looking for another restaurant to explore or a secret travel destination. Tell me your favourite place for food or a hidden gem to satisfy my inner wanderlust.


I love exploring, adventuring and stepping outside my comfort zone. If you're an emerging brand or an established company, I'd love to help you market your brand/product! Whether it be fashion, life, travel or food, you can be sure that your product will be marketed with great creativity and uniqueness.

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